My involvement with Renault owners’ clubs is largely due to being volunteered by my husband when they needed help with their printed newsletters. While a day didn’t go by where I didn’t complain about it, I’m sure, I did enjoy it. The newsletters were a nice distraction to do some DTP while I was knee-deep in the web at work.

Renault Club ZA logo

At some point, there was a discussion about the club’s name since they catered to the entire country but were named the Rand Renault Club. Somehow we ended up with Renault Club ZA (I may have had something to do with that – sorry) and the club needed a new logo. Considering the history and makeup of the club, I created a logo merging the two most prevalent logos. Aside from the tight spacing around the logotype it didn’t turn out too bad. There was also an accompanying one-colour version for printing.

Around this time, the club also wanted to get a website going so that the members spread out over the country could get club news sooner than the irregular schedule on which the newsletter was sent out. This turned out to also be the death knell for the printed newsletter.

Renault Club ZA website 2004 Renault Club ZA website 2005

In time, we moved to Cape Town and ran into members of another Renault owners’ club which had gone silent a decade or two earlier. My husband stoked interest, and soon they were up-and-running again. So I gave their logo a slight refresh and integrated them into the existing website. Running from March 2004, the website was finally retired in March 2022.

Renault Clubs of South Africa website 2015 WP Renault Club logo