Media in Africa

Media in Africa website

With Floors in Africa, Walls & Roofs in Africa and the Good Flooring Guide, Media in Africa had a good stable of publications. They wanted a website where subscriptions could be offered, back issues’ contents listed, and advertising rates displayed. We built this with an admin platform from which they could manage all these aspects.

Estates in Africa

Estates in Africa website

Estate living is a popular trend in South Africa, and Media in Africa saw the opportunity to publish magazines for the governing bodies to communicate with the residents and club members or their estate. This includes various aspects such as maintaining the overall look of the estate, security matters, infrastructure, social activities and more.

25 Degrees in Africa

25 Degrees in Africa website

A companion website to the printed magazine which displayed all articles with basic commenting functionality.

A backend administration platform allowed for the management of issues, articles, users and subscriptions.