I started working with GamCo while still at JH Design, but our relationship continued for years after that.


GamCo was a client of ours, but also a supplier and partner – we maintained their website, they sent clients our way, and we hosted a lot of our sites with them. Quite a symbiotic relationship. After leaving JH Design, they approached me to continue maintaining their site, and this arrangement continued until 2012 when I stopped doing freelance work on a regular base.

GamCo website 2001
GamCo website 2004
GamCo website 2007

In the last year we worked together, I started working on a complete revamp of their brand and website. After months of back-and-forth on designs, we finally admitted that our visions didn’t line up and shelved the project. Even so, my last redesign of their website stayed in use for more than a decade. Not bad.

Cullen Consulting

Cullen Consulting Candidate Manager

The Cullen Consulting employment agency needed a system to manage its candidates. I developed a web application in which all candidates’ personal and professional details could be captured as well as assigned skills. Searches could then be done based on the required skills to identify appropriate candidates.



The biggest project outside of their own website was a web application (and its accompanying marketing website) for housing complexes that served as an online community where news and notices could be posted, important documents hosted and full unit details (occupants, vehicles, employees, etc) stored for security and communication purposes.

Client work

I also developed many sites for clients of GamCo. These were mostly sites with a few pages only, done in a day or two.

1 Green Banana
Cape Rose
Elcon Cranes
ADA Fire Doors

No two projects were alike: a client who wanted their logo used as many times as possible, a guest house owner who couldn’t be convinced to switch from Comic Sans, and also the companies who said that everything should go on one page. There were also good learning experiences such as having to integrate a payment gateway for the first time.

All About Africa

The most interesting however was the website for All About Africa – a tour operator catering mainly to the German market. This meant creating a website with English and German variants – quite an undertaking since I didn’t know of any other way of internationalising a site apart from duplicating the entire structure for English and manually keeping the pages in sync. At least templating meant that only the content needed to manually managed.