I was approached to design a logo for a new offshore energy company. Doing research into maritime companies, the general trend was simple, classic designs with a limited colour palette of blues occasionally complemented by greens, oranges and greys. After the initial presentation of ideas ranging from wind turbines to Greek iconography linked to the company name, air and water symbols were chosen to be further refined since the client didn’t want to be associated with only a single offshore source of energy.

Using this as a starting point, a simple line art design incorporating both wind and water elements was put forth, paired with the company’s name set in all-caps Fraunces. The azure colour was already a mainstay in the industry and was complemented nicely by the use of dark grey for the company name. While the logo was generally well-received, the logomark had the client’s team divided.

For a second option, the logotype was kept and a new logomark was developed. Based on feedback from the client, a female figure in the shape of a capital Y was made the central focus of the logo – an interpretation of the nereid Kalypso to tie in with the company name.

Unfortunately, after further deliberations, the client ultimately chose to go in a different direction.