About me

I was first introduced to programming in primary school back in 1988 where I was taught Logo as one of the subjects at an after school extracurricular centre. About two years later I learnt Clarion and wrote my first app – a database for my vast (I thought) comic book collection. During high school we were taught Pascal in Computer Studies, and I started learning DTP while working on the school newspaper and yearbook.

In the year after school, the Internet became a thing. I was intrigued and took apart some web pages to learn HTML, and then CSS. At the same time I started my DTP studies with the web just being a hobby in my private time. After qualifying from my apprenticeship and starting my first “real” job, I gradually transitioned from DTP into web development.

There was a brief and flirtatious affair with ASP and Access, before I discovered PHP. First there was the spaghetti code, then Zend toolkit and all the other components, then zooming through CodeIgniter, FuelPHP, Kohana, and CakePHP before finally settling on Laravel. I was hooked and have been using it exclusively since early 2012 for all my projects.

Then one day out of the blue, I received a job offer as a Ruby on Rails developer… I found that I really enjoyed it, but due to the unpredictability of life I was back with PHP about two and a half years later, and have since also tinkered with C#.

Apart from all the web madness, I also found time for some traditional design – a logo here, a poster or cover there. And then of course there were the icons and GUI themes. Some good, some bad, but all period-appropriate.

And so, here we are – from print apprentice to multi-language developer, and everything that came inbetween.

Contact me through LinkedIn.