About Me

I was first introduced to programming in primary school back in 1988 where I was taught Logo at an after school project. A while later I learnt Clarion and wrote my first app – a database for my vast (I thought) comic book collection. During high school we were taught Pascal and I started learning DTP while working on the school newspaper and later the school yearbook.

In the year after school the internet became a thing. I took apart some web pages to learn HTML, and then CSS. I also started studying as a DTP apprentice with the web just being a hobby in my private time. After qualifying and getting my first post-apprentice job I gradually transitioned from DTP into web development.

After a brief and flirtatious affair with ASP and Access, I discovered PHP. First there was the spaghetti code, then there was Zend toolkit and all the other components and finally CodeIgniter to make sense of it all. Everything went swimmingly, but I once again began feeling limited and started looking elsewhere – FuelPHP, Kohana, CakePHP and many others. Even Ruby for a brief moment. Then Laravel arrived and I was hooked. I’ve been using it almost exclusively* since early 2012 for all new development and even rewriting some old projects to take advantage of all it has to offer.

And then one day out of the blue, I received a job offer as a Ruby on Rails developer… Surprisingly (to me, at least) I didn’t fall flat on my face and I’m really enjoying working with multiple languages. I may even give Swift a try at some stage.

Apart from all this web madness, I also found time for some traditional design – a logo here and there and a poster or other layout every now and again. And then of course there were the icons and GUI themes. Some good, some bad, but all period-appropriate.

And so, here we are – from print apprentice to multi-language developer, and many things in between.

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* We all have that one legacy project we’ll find the courage to rewrite one day…