Sasol Bursary Scheme

A web application developed for bursary applicants to make appointments, keep their personal details and marks up-to-date and apply for vacation work. A back-end admin system shows interviewers their appointment schedules, allows them to capture interview responses and export reports.

Boehringer-Ingelheim Annual Sales Conference

A general information website for an annual sales conference listing information on accommodation, sessions and activities. The site also allows attendees to register for the conference as well as keep details such as flight information up-to-date. After completion of the conference the site switches over to a post-event questionnaire and finally a gallery of the conference.

Avusa Media Annual Recruitment Awards

A website developed to capture nominations for an annual recruitment awards competition. The site contains general information as well as specialised nomination forms for each category. Specialised reports are generated by a back-end admin system for the judging process.


A general information website for the biannual conference. Apart from listing information on costs, accommodation, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and the like, the site also featured a section with a live calendar of the event through which attendees could book sessions. The information site integrated with a separate registration site for authentication while also providing an API for a mobile application to interface with the booking system. After completion of the conference the site was scaled down to a reference of presentations with downloadable content.

Abbott Year-End

CSI Clutch and Brake Online Product Catalog

A web application to capture and update an automotive parts product catalog. The system is tailor-made to the client's specifications and links into their main website with browsing and search functionality.

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