The Daily Roundup, 12/11

Tau Siroko for MacThemes:

Once again I’ve sifted through the multitude of MacThemes threads in order to uncover the coolest new releases—and at no extra charge, no less!

Virtually There

As you may have guessed, I love icons, and they’re by far my favorite type of changeable UI element. I’ll kick things off with Barry Mieny’s Virtually There, followed up by something by one of my favorite, underrated icon artists, Dustin. His work has improved constantly with every release, and has given you all a DIY kit for your movie collection.

Wallpapers are everywhere, and finding a great one is like looking for a needle in a haystack: tiring, boring and, more often than not, unsuccessful. So today I’m posting up a Bowtie theme that struck me as being extra sharp. True Vinyl by Nicka uses nostalgia and modern design in equal measures, looking great on any desktop that’s got enough screen space!