The Daily Round Up Part Deux

Tau Siroko for MacThemes:

It’s always nice to be consistent; consistency, after all, is the key to professional design. Here at MacThemes we’ve come to expect a certain level of professional finish to the work released here, so without further ado, I present my own special way of being consistent with the second day of the Daily Round Up.

CMYK Database

Icons are always a great place to start a roundup: everyone loves those 128 pixels (well, most of the time) of depth-filled magnificence. Today we kick off with quite possibly the best Database icon I have seen, created by Barry Mieny. I almost want to become a developer just so I have a use for them, but I may well simply stick to ogling them on my desktop.

Dripping Apple

To be entirely honest, I’m amazed. I’m one of the many people who hates having an Apple symbol on my desktop. It’s that extra layer of pretentious fanboyism that sometimes gives us in the Mac community a bad name. But here I must eat my word, for Macdaddy has proven me completely wrong and fallible with his Dripping Apple Wallpaper, which has been re-uploaded on the last page of his thread.

So go grab those goodies and thank their authors—they make us all look good with our swish setups and polished UI’s!